Marti Surrey (Medicare Marti)

I am now an independent Medicare Agent/Broker and owner of Medicare Marti.  Why? Well, there’s just a very special corner of my heart reserved for the elderly.  I think it’s the combination of the great love and nostalgia for my grandparents (and older family members) along with the pace older generations keep, the warmth they feel for you, the wisdom they share, the stories they tell, and the love they have to give.  I just find myself wanting to reflect it all right back. 


I feel fully myself when I’m able to share the best of me with others.  The Medicare realm, in particular, has given me the privilege of serving people where there is a very real need.  I’m able to offer emotional, financial, and social support as well as resources that truly change lives.  I get to do that every day.  And I just love that.